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professional-bowling-newsThere is this grave misconception that bowling does not pay bills. Well, long gone are the days when such rumors were believable. With this year’s U.S open coming up there is a lot of anticipation because $100,000 is part of the winner’s prize. That said there it is going to be a gruesome competition this year and may the best player win.

There is so much activity going on in the bowling scene with the PBA (Professional Bowling Association) having the PBA50 Tour coming to an end and the likes of Professional Bowler Allen Park setting their eyes on the top prizes this year. Pro bowling is just like another professional sport, and the returns are handsome. Ask the girls’ junior championship winner, Breanna Clemmer bout her $6,000 scholarship.

It is important not to underestimate the benefits that come with playing pro bowling. So many people have made it by having the wit and the courage to take part in bowling. Globally the world is becoming more and more receptive, and there are numerous opportunities for upcoming pro bowlers. Just like any other sport, professional bowling is demanding, and it requires a lot of practice and sharpening of skills. If your kid is an enthusiast when it comes to bowling, make the investment in their future, and you will not be disappointed.

There is a big life out there yet to be explored in professional bowling. With opportunities such as the U.S open and the Wolf open, you can be sure that there is plenty of room for all the bowling lovers to compete and make the most of the bowling. Albeit, you can have more than enough from bowling, the likes of Allen Park are examples of what you can make from the simple art of bowling. Whatever doubts you had about bowling can now be proven to be grave misconceptions. Bowling is a great sport and it is a well of opportunity that you cannot afford to miss out on.

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